Henri Bergson was convinced that if humanity does not give the soul, the spirit a chance, it will be crushed by the weight of its own technological progress. An individual is fragmented from various parts that make it unique and unrepeatable due to its characteristics, the squares are this representation of a defragmentation of the soul itself.



Regarding configuration, it consists of some variants, in example it would be: each background has a 25% chance of appearing, color one 94.5%, color two 100%, color three 100%, color four 100% , color five 67.5% and color six 11.5%, but each color has its unique pattern, color one has 8 different patterns just like color two, three and four, color five has 4 patterns and color six has 6 patterns.


The rarity in this case is the lack of color, for example: No Background 11% chance: Rare, No color one 1.5% chance: Super Rare, Colors two, three and four there is no absence, No color five chance of 32.5%: Uncommon, In the case of color six it is if it presents it, its probability is 11.5%: Rare, If a square has more than one of these probabilities in its configuration, its rarity increases to mythical.

Square #81

The rarest square in the entire collection, as it adopts three of the aforementioned conditions. It is made up of the absence of the background, the absence of color five and it has color six.

Square #66

This square has two of the attributes already mentioned, one is Super Rare, which is lacking color one and lacking color five.

“I no longer care about a painting if it is well painted, poorly painted, if it is a good idea: I care if it has blood. You feel the blood on the fringes of all that. »

Pérez Celis